Monday, February 27, 2012

I really need to update this more.

Okay, I admit; I still haven't gotten much work done on the Dredmor mod, or Gemini Rush. Things have been busy for me and I really haven't had much of a chance to work on it. Especially since I'm the lead designer for a school project that involves making a game from scratch.

Still I guess it's only fair that I show you some things I have been doing in the meantime:

[PRETENTIOUS JAPANESE SUBTITLE] is a short game made in Construct 2 for an eight hour game jam, and uploaded to the Indie Pirate Kart. I made it in Construct 2 because I wanted to get familiar with the tools, which my group is using for our project.

Anyway, the concept is solid, but the game itself is glitchy as hell. I might turn this into a full game later, but if so I'll probably do it in something more proven, like Flixel. Music done by TM23 on Newgrounds.

Second: LORD ENGLISH TAKES OVER THE WORLD, a hilariously short RPG made in the Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Construction Engine, made over the course of 1 day for the Pirate Kart.

Last but not least: InfiKnights: Chronicle of the Last War, a metafictional forum adventure framed as an 8-bit JRPG. Not that I'm abandoning TLOJ On the contrary, I've decided to settle on a "at least once a week" update schedule for both projects (plus a minor project called Tokyo Adventures).

Over the course of the next couple days I'll try to post the results some failed projects of mine, just for fun of course.

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