Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dredstuck: ...wait, you mean you were still working on it?

 After months and months of not-particularly-hard work, the first version of Dredstuck, my Homestuck-Themed Dungeons of Dredmor mod is complete!

As mentioned previously, this version focuses on adding skills and items based on Dave Strider in the form of the "Hipsterology" skilltree, which gives powerful, melee-oriented stat buffs in exchange for dehibilitating penalties. It also gives starts you with the Broken Caledscratch, which can potentially be crafted into one of the beast weapons in the game!

It also implements something I like to call "True Alchemy", which provides special recipes that allow you transmute crafting materials!

If you saw my last post, then you already know about Flash Step and Unbelievably Ill Jams, but what about the new skills? Let's go over them, shall we?


My Little Cal randomly summons Lil' Cal to your side when you take damage in combat. Though his attacks do very little damage, he can tank like there's no tomorrow.

 Blogster allows you to become one with the twitterverse, raising your awareness to the point that you can effortlessly incoming dodge attacks. It also keeps you glued to your screen, making it impossible to see where you're going. You can keep the effect for as long as you want, but it has a really long cooldown, so be careful when you use it.

 While the final skill, Pimpslayer, doesn't have a spell associated with it, it provides a free rank in smithing. If you've maxed out your Smithing skill, this will allow you to create the Scarlet Ribbitar, the best sword in the game! Lets hope you didn't lose it...

The mod also provides Homestuck Debug skilltree, which gives you no skills but gives you all the Homestuck items from the mod. This is not meant to actually be used, it's just a way for me to make sure that all the items work.

Reader: Download Dreadstuck V1
Reader: Download Dreadstuck V1_05

If you find a bug, or the link is broken, please let me know. And please tell me how you feel about the mod, it's positive feedback from people like you that keeps me coming back to these projects.


  1. Great!
    Saw this mod's thread yesterday in the MSPA Forums, and now I was searching 'Dredstuck' to find it again and ask if you were still working on it XD

    Downloading it right now, let's see :D

  2. Dude, there's a new mod being made on the Gaslamp forums. It just started though.