Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jake English's Mysterious Theater of Scientific Romance from the Year 3000: The Poll

Well it's been quite a long year. And what better way to end the year with some fanfiction about some guys from a webcomic reading fanfiction?

But here's the kicker; this time, YOU get to decide what story to cover!

Your choices are:

HELLSTORM EVANGELION: Now that Shinji has killed all the Angels, he now has to fight DEMONS! (no, really) Though originally covered by Elmer Studios' MST, we're going to take it on anyway!

BURSTON'S SORROW II: A fan-sequel to the original Burston's Sorrow, Burston travels back in time to stop his father before it's too late!

NEON EXODUS EVANGELION: An extremely controversial Evangelion AU that apparently starts off terrible but gets much better over time. Still, it's hilariously terrible Marty Stu "DJ Croft" makes it worth reading.

The Return of Dark Kyeoto: ...I have no idea what this is supposed to be about, but I think this is a Kingdom Hearts fic.

Click here to take the poll!

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